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Work at W&L

bet36体育投注和李确认,不同的观点和背景使我们的社区更加强大. We are committed to the recruitment, enrichment, and retention of students, faculty, and staff who embody many experiences, cultures, points of view, interests, and identities. As engaged citizens in a global and diverse society, 我们力求通过公开和实质性的对话,为所有人创造一个积极的学习和工作环境.

Working at W&L为个人和职业成长和发展提供了良好的机会. 我们通过将人们聚集在一起的项目来培养社区意识和归属感, 无论是作为校园还是在员工资源小组等较小的小组中. 

W&L employees celebrate

Who is W&L?

Washington and Lee is a top-ranked, private institution in Lexington, Virginia, 我们在哪里将文科课程的严谨探究和批判性思维与国家认可的商业和新闻本科课程相结合, and a graduate School of Law.

W&L employees celebrate

W&L at Work

ITS staff eat lunch together on campus
W&L staff enjoy lunch together on campus.
A class on the Colonnade
A class on the Colonnade.
A class on the ODK Circle
A class on the ODK Circle.
Grounds worker mows the Front Lawn
Employees take part in a grilling class
W&L employees enjoy a grilling class with Dining Services chefs.
People cross Wilson Field Bridge in the fall
Members of the W&L community cross Wilson Field Bridge.
Grounds worker clears snow from campus walkways
W&L grounds worker clears snow from campus walkways.
Employees participate in the Wellness Fair
Members of Advancement and Development at the Live Well 5K
大学进步与发展的成员在Live Well 5公里趣味跑/步行.
A member of Dining Services serves sweet treats
Aerial shot of W&L's campus and mountains in the background

Where is W&L?

列克星敦位于弗吉尼亚州谢南多厄山谷的南部边缘. 距离斯汤顿约40分钟,距离罗阿诺克约1小时, Harrisonburg, and Charlottesville. 小镇四周环绕着农田和公共土地,是户外探险的好去处. All employees are invited to enjoy benefits of the W&L Outing Club at no cost.

Aerial shot of W&L's campus and mountains in the background

Faces of W&L

W&L Outcomes: Michael Ott ’24

After a summer internship, 奥特在Houlihan Lokey公司找到了一份全职投行分析师的工作.

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Meet a Colleague: Brandi Jane Wedgeworth Graham


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W&L Outcomes: Pari Ahmadi ’24

Pari Ahmadi ' 24在进入医学院之前将在丹娜-法伯癌症研究所(Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)担任临床研究协调员.

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Meet a Colleague: Reba Miller

Reba Miller serves as web content manager for the university.

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Meet a Colleague: Jason Bunn

Jason Bunn是退休人员福利经理和员工福利专家.

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Meet Pierson Gammage ’24

作为荣誉系统的首席听力顾问,Gammage帮助管理了使W&L an incredible academic institution.’

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Meet a Colleague: Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards is an associate professor of Arabic.

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Meet Andrew Arnold ’24

Arnold packed his four years at W&L with academic and athletic opportunities, studying abroad and pursuing his interest in broadcasting.

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Meet a Colleague: Taylor Meeker

泰勒·米克尔(Taylor Meeker)担任校友和职业服务营销助理总监.

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Walker McKnight

Meet Walker McKnight ’24

麦克奈特很自豪能在她曾祖父101年后毕业, who started their family’s legacy at W&L.

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Meet a Colleague: Jason Rodocker

Jason Rodocker serves as associate dean of students.

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Meet Diwesh Kumar ’24


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Colonnade at sunset


Inclusive Benefits

At W&L, 我们致力于营造一个包容的工作场所,让所有背景的员工都能在这里工作, cultures, and identities can work, learn, and thrive together. To support this commitment, 大学提供全面的福利计划,旨在支持工作与生活的平衡, health and wellbeing, financial security, and professional development of employees. 大学努力为所有收入水平的员工提供公平的福利待遇.

Person in hammock on campus


Home Loan Program

大学以较低的利率向全职员工提供住房贷款. 贷款利率将比列克星敦金融机构的住房贷款低25%.

Tree with buds in front of Gaines Residence Hall


Professional Development Opportunities

W&L fosters a culture of lifelong learning. 公司为员工提供大量的培训和发展机会. 员工继续教育计划为符合条件的员工提供学费援助,以获得更高的学位, certificates, or licenses that support their work. 符合条件的雇员及其配偶/家庭伴侣最多可获得两份免学费W&L courses per academic term. 全年为员工和团队提供技能培养和专业发展机会.

A reflection of the Colonnade in sunglasses lens

Tuition Assistance

Educational Grants

大学相信教育的价值,并为员工家属提供减少成本的机会. 在任何认可的高等教育机构,员工可获得高达50%的学费援助,而在W就读的家属可获得90%的学费援助&L. W&L还参加了南方联合学院和大湖学院协会的学费减免交流项目.

Buds on a tree in front of the Liberty Hall Ruins


Employee Resource Groups

该大学目前提供几个员工资源组. 它们旨在将员工聚集在一个安全的地方 ,在那里可以自由地交谈, and everyone can feel comfortable being themselves. 每个小组都得到大学的支持,全年举办活动.

Tulips blooming on campus


Generous Time Off

Most full-time staff earn 25 days of time off per year. Additionally, 学校每年11月放假一周,12月至次年1月放假两周,给所有员工一个应得的休息时间.

Flowers in front of Leyburn Library

Loan Forgiveness

Student Loan Forgiveness Eligibility

W&L的员工可以使用财务健康服务,帮助你找到最适合你财务状况的助学贷款偿还和减免计划. Through TIAA and Savi, 这项服务可以通过降低你每月的学生贷款支付来加强你目前的财务基础,并为你的学生贷款减免做好准备. W&L pays the fee for you to use this service.